Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#993 Cleaning sunglasses

When you're trying to look badass no matter the weather, sunglasses are your main man. However what is not badass is having to pause to take the time to wipe them clear of debris. The jig is up when the ladies see that you are much less appealing without the shades.

#994 Looking forward to an epic movie and it sucking

I waited so long for Watchmen. From when I saw the first teaser trailer, to when I handed $9 to the pimply theater employee, I was pumped. Then it sucked. And I feel cheated of my hopes and dreams.

#995 Dry bread

There's nothing worse than going to the pantry to make a tasty sandwich and having the Wonder Bread be as stale and dry as the Sahara. No mayo or delicious sandwich spread can save it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

#996 Waiting for the shower to warm up

There are few things worse than standing naked and cold, hoping that the shower water will warm up before you die of hypothermia. As the seconds creep by, goose bumps form. Hair stands on end.
Stepping into the hot water almost makes it worth it.